‘+’ Charges or Positron as known in Chemical Engineering and Atomic Engineering Solutions and utilised in understanding of Engineering. Engineering and Logical methods in Real and Imaginery Theories in Engineering and Control Solutions are utilised here. Killing a Dracula or Chinese Dracula or Pontianak using methods shown in movies eg. hammering a silver stake or sharp silver stake into the dead body of a Dracula, or by methods not shown including new findings of placing imaginery positrons or imaginery positive charges on your fingers and placing into the mouth or skull, dracula , chinese dracula or pontianak or any opening in the dracula’s skull or dracula’s body. The movie that was a superb movie known as Matrice filmed in 2000 or 2001 and it’s continuation in animations and movies has a hole on the skull and an equipment that caused a stir when the hole on the skull is filled. By imagining positrons or positive charges on the imaginery stake or the symbol ‘+’ which means positive charges, there is a possibility that the Dracula will disappear and be removed.


666 number viewed 3 times by myself, Mr. Chan Junt Hoong, 1. a car number plate in Malaysia, in a 4D 1st prize in Malaysia after I saw the car number plate in a week after viewing the car number, other places in the super movie series, The Omen and of course in my email Inbox just recently of the number of unread mails in my Inbox as in the picture below and 666 when turned upside down is 999. That’s the old number used to dial the police force in many countries.


D is for Devils in detail. There has been statements about the mention of D in Research Papers in Engineering within the Communications field and have been published. I have read one Published Research Paper which has mentioned about it in the IEE Communiations Journal in 1998. It would be advantageous and wise to be in know of the meaning of the “D in detail, as it mentioned the Devil” as there have been heinous crimes and activity within Terrorism which has been linked to the D in Engineering and in Detail.


There is a analogous theory between the Dragon Valley and the Mid Range of Himalayans in which these are called Dragons in the mountains or sleeping dragons that have been turned into marble, stone and rock forming mountains and the Himalayans Range, which I have heard from stories of long ago and hear and say of people. Analogous to this theory, I have a toned stomach which shows a slight muscular 6-pack showing a mountain range on my stomach and body, and called muscle everywhere or even with people who exercise daily. And again analogous to that, this statement would mean that I have a Dragon Range of mountains made out of muscle on my body. I would therefore mention that I am a Dragon, rightly mentioned. Else I am also known by other names and terms in the rest of the world. By Chan Junt Hoong MIET MIEEE CEng.


My housing mortgage in my Singapore HDB, Housing Development Board in Admiralty, Woodlands, Singapore. There is a disrepency of the amount shown in the CPF (Central Provident Fund Board) and the amount paid by the banks in Singapore for the mortgage of my HDB amortized total repayment until today, 11 April, 2016. There is a template within Microsoft Office 365 online which can calculate the amount of mortgage and show the monthly repayment.


Google + Page for Chan Junt Hoong MIET MIEEE CEng. The Google + pages below are for my Google + page for Mr. Chan Junt Hoong MIET MIEEE CEng. The current number of viewers are as below on the page as of today, 9th April, 2016, the number is 160,407 views for the Google + page of Chan Junt Hoong. Please click on the link to be linked to the Google + page. https://plus.google.com/u/0/


Camera Photographs from my Canon Power Shot and Mobile Phones compared to previous devices utilizing films and lenses before digital imaging My Small Office Home Office of EngineeeringComputerWorks and Engineering and Computer Works and Engineering Trade Works in Housing Development Board HDB Flat in Singapore in Admiralty, Woodlands, Singapore.http://engineeeringcomputerworks.com/ , http://engineeringandcomputerworks.com/ , http://engineeeringcomputerworks.com/blog/ , http://usemud868a.blogspot.sg/ , http://usemud868.blogspot.com/. Going through the digital photographs, it’s noticable that the pictures from the digital camera can cause the mind to think it looks like a younger picture of one self, a more picturesque person of one self, a more handsome and younger person, or even look like a girl from the method or angle the photograph is taken and the method light flows into the digital sensor in the cameras, not as fast as the speed of light as in the old lense and film cameras which would have produced a better and a real image from the lenses in any angle due to light going through lenses and pictured onto the film. The number of digital calculations involved in Digital Signal Processing at one time from a picture, may not be fast enough to capture a slight shake of the camera or from another angle, or more complex angle which may result in the picture looking like something more beautiful or less than reality. Do not be cheated, for the picture pictured may not have captured the real scene even though it’s really the true scenario. Thank you. Written by Junt Hoong Chan MIET MIEEE CEng.