IEEE Signal Processing Society Questions and Answers on IEEE SPS Topic “Signal Processing is the Science behind our digital life.”

IEEE Signal Processing Society Questions and Answers on IEEE SPS Topic “Signal Processing is the Science behind our digital life.”

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Microsoft Developer Network Ratings at Microsoft Visual Studio samples for Microsoft Developers for Junt Hoong Chan’s MIET MIEEE CEng submission of Calculator Application / Phone Application & Microchip code Visual Studio 2015 is rated with top ratings (5 stars) . Please click on the link to the webpage and for download of the Control System application and Software Calculator Application/Phone Application and Microchip Source code for the Control System. .Alltogether 5 applications from Junt Hoong Chan MIET MIEEE CEng has received ratings with 2 applications with 5 star ratings and 3 applications with 1 star ratings from developers and people worldwide.

Windows Door Application is available for download from the server for Windows 10 and previous versions of Windows. The images for the software are as below. Please click on the link to download. . The project is published in Microsoft Developer Network under Visual Studio samples at this link by Chan Junt Hoong MIET MIEEE CEng . .

My office, in 2016, slight changes and more advances in technology, from software to hardware, more to come in the year. Please view the office achievements and awards below. 2016 This year 2016, achievements have been made in light technology, light technology in medical cures for mental illness, with reference made to religious light lost in troubled citizens involved with substance abuse, GPS signals and GSM with the Control System, GPS in tracing systems to trace items and software contributions on Space Age games and control with the Control System, imaging with the speed of light, as light reflected off a mirror and a photograph taken in front of a mirror would show the real person from the correct perspective as the mirror is a flat surface, where light relects off equally into the Imaging Sensor in cameras. Thank you. More ideas would follow from this year 2016. Written by Junt Hoong Chan MIET MIEEE CEng.

Model kits from the 1990’s and early year 2000 to year 2002 in my collection including tanks from WWII and Battleships and Frigates from WWII from various brands of model kits. These model kits are in less than perfect condition and have been kept in the best condition for the years, they were built by myself, Junt Hoong Chan MIET MIEEE CEng before I was 30 years old. I am now 44 years of age and these model kits have kept up with the time. Thank you for viewing. Written by Junt Hoong Chan MIET MIEEE CEng.!AkZNMapXn2JPgYJcEgYMtuJHqqHKJw!AkZNMapXn2JPgYJdulhqkgLlXICw-Q has computer engineering and data capability in wired and wireless mode and Global Positioning System (GPS) capability. Currently, there are 2 Control Systems with 40-pin 8-bit Microchip PIC16F877A and 28-pin Microchip PIC16C63A with code written in assembly language in a multi layer environment with low level and high level computer language interfacing with each other, through the Control Systems to the USB device and ports and to the Microsoft Windows 10 environment with the Phone Application Software as the device driver. There are clocks, timers and stopwatches written in assembly language and LED’s with light dimming and lighting functions. I currently have an idea for the calendar and am working on the function, with the idea hinging on there are 7 months with 31 days, 1 month with 28 days and leap years with 29 days, and 4 months with 30 days. There is a digital function for this and implementing the function is on-going. Thank you. Written by Junt Hoong Chan MIET MIEEE CEng and would keep members, fans and visitors of the site informed. Thank you members, fans and visitors for visiting and I will keep the all of you updated.