Model kits from the 1990’s and early year 2000 to year 2002 in my collection including tanks from WWII and Battleships and Frigates from WWII from various brands of model kits. These model kits are in less than perfect condition and have been kept in the best condition for the years, they were built by myself, Junt Hoong Chan MIET MIEEE CEng before I was 30 years old. I am now 44 years of age and these model kits have kept up with the time. Thank you for viewing. Written by Junt Hoong Chan MIET MIEEE CEng.!AkZNMapXn2JPgYJcEgYMtuJHqqHKJw!AkZNMapXn2JPgYJdulhqkgLlXICw-Q