The number of viewers on my Google + Page until today 23 August, 2016 is numbering 199,857 viewers for my Google + page of Mr. Chan Junt Hoong MIET MIEEE CEng. The pages are as shown below. Please click on the link to the Google + page.

2D Graphics from . This program is available for download from in Visual Studio Samples by Junt Hoong Chan MIET MIEEE CEng . I worked on this about 3 years ago and is still working today on Visual Studio 2010 . Written by Junt Hoong Chan MIET MIEEE CEng

Microsoft Team Foundation Visual Studio and Junt Hoong Chan MIET MIEEE CEng

This is my account, in Microsoft Visual Studio and I am a member of the Visual Studio Team Foundation and I create projects and many of my main projects are stored in the Microsoft Team Foundation Server with succesful builds and releases. Below is the Phone Project which is utilized with my Control System and stored in the Team Foundation Server and is a succesful build and release.