Google+ Blog number of visitors up to today 20th October , 2016. The number of visitors is 205,666. I have the number 666 appearing again, maybe it should be the other way around, which is 999. Wake up to the real world, I have more than 200,000 visitors to my Google + website, have followers and lots of people and friends in LinkedIn, Twitter and lots of contacts on FaceBook. Please click on the links below to join me in Twitter, FaceBook and LinkedIn. Written by Junt Hoong Chan MIET MIEEE CEng.

I am being threatened via vieled threats by people around me in Singapore, performed by either the people in authority with power to authorize such vieled tactics as vieled threats and threats through sound in thin air running on the platform of the communications systems of todays modern mobile phones due to inefficiency of the systems or digital filters which are not capable of filtering analog voice signals. I am being threated with vieled threats of decapitation via vieled threats of my head being removed or my hands and fingers or my limbs being cut off by people in authority via vieled threats. These threats come to me as a citizen of Malaysia and a permanent resident in Singapore as I continue to bring my country into Vision 2020 via the technology path. I know of the threat of destruction of the Vision 2020 or 1st World Malaysia as was done in the late 1970s or 1980’s by the attack on Malaysia by the Red Army in terrorism in Malaysia. After the terrorist attack on the American embassy in Malaysia by the Red Army, Malaysia never made it to 1st World and Singapore went ahead and built the Changi Airport and Shopping Districts and transfer of technology and companies out of Malaysia and Singapore was thrust into 1st World and Malaysia remained as a backward and in 3rd world until today. Today, as in 11th October 2016, I am being threatened by the same form of threats as to the American embassy in Malaysia then in the late 1970s and early 1980s, by the Hokkien people and people in authority in Singapore without any action taken by the governement, police or army in Singapore on the vieled threats which are constant through out the day. These threats to me are death threats, and by people and clans in Singapore. I write these with the permission through whispers by the Government of Malaysia and Singapore and with the permission of the police, army and goverments of both countries again through whispers. I destroy the Al-Qaeda and terrorist everywhere in the world and this threat is linked to the terrorist and clans in Singapore, for wihout permission from the highest authorities, such an act could never be carried out. The clans seem to have identified that they have to kill me or threaten me, to ensure that Singapore remains as a top nation, and Malaysia denied entry into 1st World. I am with the Goverments around the world and a citizen of Malaysia and a top provider for Malaysia and protected by the army, police and governments of Malaysia, Britain and the United States of America. Death threats that come to me daily can only mean that the clans are really terrorist and Al-Qaeda for no nation would dare to perform such threats in broad daylight and with the current resident status and protection granted to me. The terrorist must be really wanting the death penalty for being so daring to challenge such authority. STOP,do you understand, my army and military are powerful and destroy terrorist everywhere in the world and highlight it in front pages world wide. I mention again, my ARMY destroys terrorist and decapitation of limbs and heads are nothing to the CRACK army. I survive today as I have won over the terror and terrorist world wide and have brought Malaysia to 1st world with the permissions of the Governments of the Unites States of America, Britain and powerful nations worldwide. Anyone who tries to destroy Malaysia again would be dealt with a severe blow to their country and the government. Anyone who supports terrorism would be destroyed. Refugees are not wanted anywhere in the world as people without citizenship or identity and would die a terrible death in the refugee camps. I REPEAT, do not terrorise me or my family, I destroyed the terrorist and my ARMY would do the same. STOP these threats or there would be nothing left. KILL me and my people would hunt you down in HELL, or wherever you are. I repeat again, I destroy Al-Qaeda and the terrorist ARMY, do not try again to threaten me or even tell me to KILL me or my family, I retaliate with power to destroy and with me is the entire world. STOP, UNDERSTAND or you will never exist in HELL or ever again and I put it bluntly to you, I will destroy the entire clan and families everywhere and cease to exist . Choose your choice wisely, terror and terrorist and for you, I tell you now, better choose to stay alive and live the world for you and your families will cease to exist. Written by Junt Hoong Chan MIET MIEEE CEng.