Shoot Them Up is a game with multitasking functions showing simultaneous graphics in the game, an improvement over an earlier sample of the game, BattleShip and Frogg. The game has been modified to run with Visual Studio 2012 and above and Visual Studio 6 Visual Basic. The Shoot Them Up game is able to be modified for the controls to be utilized with Control Systems. Control for the game is via mouse and keyboard key ‘2’ without control modifications. Download the file Shoot Them and unzip the file into a new folder. Copy the files Shoot_Them_Up.exe, Shoot_Them_Up_II.exe and Shoot_Them_Up_III.exe into a folder in C:\Shoot_Them_Up. Run the setup file in the Shoot Them Up Publish folder. Run the file Shoot Them Up. Written and Published in Microsoft Visual Studio Samples by Junt Hoong Chan MIET MIEEE CEng
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